Diagnosis of Disease

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NoCodeSymptomsSelect Condition
1S001Group Animals
2S002Pest with Black, Brown, or Green Color
3S003Its size is small, measuring 1-2 mm in length
4S004Random pattern of streaks on the leaf surface
5S005Leaves drying out without producing new shoots
6S006Holed leaves
7S007Only the stem remains
8S008There is dirt or excrement on the leaves
9S009The stem is large
10S010The leaves are starting to turn yellow
11S011Starting to flower
12S012The leaves are sap-like or exude sap
13S013The stem is tall
14S014The fur color is purplish in the middle part
15S015Brown spots
16S016The leaves are broken
17S017The tips of the leaves are pale in color
18S018The roots are turning brown
19S019The plant is drying up
20S020The lower part of the stem is rust-colored
21S021The surface has yellowish spots
22S022Yellow, white, or brown spots on the leaves
23S023Moving spots
24S024The leaves have white web-like patterns similar to
25S025The leaves change color, shrivel, and fall off
26S026They usually cluster together, are white in color